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The Tri-fold Effect of Planting Trees in the Municipality of Manolo Fortich

Saving the Environment through shared responsibility is one of the aims of the "Tayo Ang Kalikasan" Movement. MENRO Officer Sharon Tacbobo explains in her message how this can affect the municipality.

During her closing remarks on the recently conducted signing of Memorandum of Understanding for the “Tayo Ang Kalikasan” Movement, Munincipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) Head Sharon G. Tacbobo shared her thoughts on the probable impact of the shared community initiative to environment of Manolo Fortich. In her message, she mentioned the environmental problems that the municipality is facing. The first concern she raised is about the issue on the downgrading of the water quality due to the decreasing number of trees that surrounds the two major river basins around the municipality and the decline in scope of the areas which are considered as primary forest.

Through planting more trees, this problem could be addressed. That is why the MENRO head is looking forward to forge and strengthen these kinds of partnership for the environment. According to her, the water quality, biodiversity and clean air will be taken cared of if more trees are planted. 

Water Quality

Planting more trees on the areas of concern can reduce the siltation and encroachment. Siltation is a kind of water pollution where dirt, soil, or sediment is carried and deposited in the water. Silt is considered as normal, but additional tons of silt bring negative impact to the water quality. This is caused by erosion and land disturbing human activities, such as agriculture and construction. Encroachment, on the other hand means the advancement of structures, roads, railroads, improved paths, utilities, and other development, into natural areas including floodplains, river corridors, wetlands, lakes and ponds, and the buffers around these areas which leads to wildlife predation, fragmentation/reduction of the habitat, and eventually, to increased human-wildlife conflicts and migration of some animals.


More trees increase forest cover.  Manolo Fortich is hailed as a sanctuary for the Philippine Eagle in Northern Mindanao. Having more trees ensures a suitable trail for the Philippine Eagle to pass by as well as other wild life. Hon. Rina N. Quiño in her speech envisions a green city in the future that is why she makes it as a challenge to create projects that is good for the environment because in return this will also affect the tourism sector positively.  She emphasized how areas are made as local conservation areas in connection to the protection of wild life.

Clean Air

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and excretes oxygen which is essential for human beings. Planting more trees reduces carbon emission. Forester Morito B. Estifano, backs up this notion in his message during the signing, mentioning clean air as one of the good benefits of this movement. He also interceded the concern of the DENR Secretary regarding the Climate Change.  

Overall, MENRO Head Tacbobo sees this movement as an opportunity to encourage more “warm bodies” to join the movement of taking care of the environment. Meanwhile, Estifano is grateful for the support of the partners from the municipality of Manolo Fortich.

Liza Muga
Liza Muga


Date Posted: September 23, 2022